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How it's done

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how we start

If yo u think we can solve your problem, please send us an e-mail with brief explanation what it is. We will write you back as soon as possible with our solution explanation free  of charge. In our answer we will also tell you our approximate price for our service with solving your problem. When you choose to work with us we go to phase 1 

1 Creating an idea and clients confirmation:


-          brain storming for problem solution 

-          creating some versions of the design

-          evaluating different versions of design

-          choosing the best design solution

-          clients confirmation


With clients confirmation of the design we start with computer drafting, phase 2



2 Creating a CAD model:


-          choice of material

-          design of parts, assemblies

-          stress analysis, flow analysis



    When client wishes to see the design in reality before it is actually produced, we can create a 3D rendered photo of the design, phase 3


    3 Creation of Photorealistic (Rendered) image:render


    -          choice of the enviroment the product will be used

    -          lights and view angle.


    If client is satisfied with design at this phase we begin to draw technical documentation or we just export the 3D file to a CNC format file for CNC production of the part, phase 4


    4 Technical documentation or creation of CNC format file:



    -          Creation of drawing with different views (exploded, isometric,…)

    -          Plotting the drawings or exportation to other file formats (*.pdf, *.dwg, *.jpeg,…)


    After sending drawings to the client and manufacturer of the product, most of our design projects end, with exception of more demanding designs which require supervision in the production phase.